First Time in Norway

We're visiting Norway for the first time! We wake up in our glass igloo in Inari, located way up in the northern part of Finland known as Lapland. Being so close to Norway, we can't resist jumping in the car to spend the day on the Norwegian coast. We're delighted and surprised to find that, within a very short distance of the Finnish/Norwegian border, the landscape changes drastically. The forests of Finland give way to the rocky mountains of Norway and some of the most beautiful winding roads we've ever seen. We drive to the village of Bug√łynes, which is about as picturesque as it gets and perfectly matches our idea of Norway: colourful houses surrounded by wild blue water. We stop for a picnic to enjoy the view before driving back to Finland. We arrive in time to join a tour at our hotel where you go hunting for the northern lights. Despite cloudy conditions, we see the lights (and the Milky Way) and enjoy a roaring fire and hot chocolate in a traditional Finnish wood cabin called a kota. What a full and incredible day of adventure split between two beautiful countries.


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