Canadian girl cries after Omani men help her. .امرأة كندية تبكي بعد ان...

Episode 14 Day 6 of my solo Oman adventure

After dropping my bike in the middle of no where on Masirah island, I thought I was going to be doomed. Luckily I didn't have to wait long and a car had passed with a couple of locals who came to my rescue. After receiving all their help with my bike, offering food, and water and a place to stay, I had a little emotional breakdown while filming. I actually had a full on revelation... I suddenly felt at that moment, that I had lived my entire life for this moment, for this time in my life. All the troubles and challenges I;ve been through in my past, have made me strong enough to go out on my own, and to be the compassionate being I am. To have this talent to capture the content that I do and to be able to share it with everyone. To show you what life and people are really like out there, to change the harden mindsets and the stigmas against people. I was overjoyed with Bliss and started to cry as I had this sudden realization. What a beautiful Gift my life is and that I may share it with all of you !!!

Salam brothers and sisters 🙏 I see this video is spreading far and reaching many hearts. Thank you ! I really wish to spread the reality of what Muslims and Arabs are really like- not what the media portrays. I’ve traveled to many Muslim regions ( unfortunately not on Video) but I can say- without a doubt, the most hospitable, kind, generous, non judgmental people you will ever meet. Yes Oman is well known for their kindness and peaceful ways, but all of the Muslim countries I’ve traveled to have been the same. This is the truth I want to share with the world. To not listen to what you hear on the news and media. But to go and experience this humanity yourself. And your hearts will forever be changed. Love and light to all. And I hope to one day document many more countries I visit to share more love to the world. Shukran 🙏

She is alone in the middle of nowhere with a broken down bike, vulnerable and two Muslim males came to help her without any hesitation and expectations but with a smile they helped her and offered her food and drinks. This is Islam and not what you read on the internet Islamophobic websites which they feed you with misinterpretations and false accusations.

What I loved about her is that she said “They don’t televise this, they don’t publicize this.” I really respect this human’s humbleness and wisdom, it’s all in her words. That’s why they say don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t always focus on the ink of the paper but rather on the white. This is what the world calls terrorist, this is what the world calls uneducated. Guess what... Morals and respect don’t come from education, they come from the soul. I’m proud to be an Arab 🇯🇴 and I never hesitate to leave my lands. Thank you for showing the world what we truly are. We have different religions, skin tones etc but we all are the same. Thank you, again.


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